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Halloween forecast: Trick-or-treaters to shiver in Midwest, Northeast; Umbrellas may be needed in Texas

Trick-or-treaters in some parts of the United States will need an extra layer of clothing or umbrella to stay comfortable before heading out the door on Tuesday evening, Oct. 31.

The nation is expected to be largely free of major, far-reaching and disruptive storms on Halloween. However, there are a few areas where costumes may need to be altered to account for cold and wet conditions.

Midwest, Northeast at greatest risk of cold and perhaps snow

Temperatures are likely to be in the 30s and 40s F by the time children and adults wander the neighborhoods in parts of the Midwest and Northeast.

“It will feel colder than that, especially in the Great Lakes region, where brisk winds can make it feel like it’s in the 20s,” AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Michael Doll said.

To avoid obscuring costumes with a large coat, extra layers underneath an outfit may be more practical for staying comfortable.

Halloween outlook 10.26 AM

Those in the northern Plains and Upper Midwest will have to watch for some wet weather possibly sneaking in from Canada for Halloween.

“A chilly rain is anticipated across portions of the northern Plains with a few snowflakes possibly mixing in as well,” Doll said.

Doll added that lake-effect rain and snow showers are anticipated downwind of the Great Lakes.

The cool air will not be as pronounced for the major cities along Interstate 95 in the Northeast, allowing fewer, if any, layers to be needed.

Rain may soak trick-or-treating activities in South Central states

Wet weather could dampen parts of Texas, making raincoats and umbrellas a necessity, according to Doll.

Depending on the speed of the storm responsible for the rain, some of the dreary conditions could extend into the lower Mississippi Valley.

Wherever it rains, motorists should use extra caution on the roadways due to low visibility as little ghosts and goblins will be roaming the sidewalks. Bring along a flashlight, or other reflective items, while trick-or-treating to increase visibility for passing motorists.

Check AccuWeather MinuteCast® before heading out the door to see if wet weather will dampen your trick-or-treat route.

Dry, mild weather to prevail out West

Those trick-or-treating west of the Rockies are likely to have the fewest weather-related disruptions on Tuesday evening.

Spotty wet weather may stream into the interior Northwest, but a large portion of the region will be dry.

Away from the cooler high elevations, most people will be comfortable without extra layers or jackets.

The main exception will be where any wildfires are ongoing and poor air quality could pose a health risk to those outside.