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Typhoon Lionrock may slam Japan following deadly impact from Mindulle

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On the heels of deadly Typhoon Mindulle, Japan is bracing for another threat from Typhoon Lionrock next week.

Despite previously tracking away from Japan earlier this week, Typhoon Lionrock is turning around, and residents of Japan are being put on alert for possible impacts early next week.

Lionrock will churn northeastward over the open waters of the northern Pacific Ocean into this weekend, posing hazards to shipping interests by churning up dangerously rough seas.

Seas will build this weekend all along the coast of Japan as Lionrock and another weather system, which will be key to the typhoon's future movement, approaches.

Early next week, Lionrock should get drawn to the northwest or north as it interacts with a dip in the jet stream dropping southward from China. How fast this interaction occurs will determine whether Lionrock hooks into Honshu or Hokkaido in Japan or targets Russia's Sakhalin Island.

"At this point, it appears that Lionrock will approach the east coast of central or northern Honshu around Tuesday, local time," AccuWeather Meteorologist Tony Zartman said.

While past its peak intensity, Lionrock will likely still be a typhoon at this time. Damaging winds, flooding rain and an inundating storm surge would accompany Lionrock onshore.

Tokyo is among the communities that may lie in the path of Lionrock's fury.

The risk of flooding rain and strong winds may then shift to northeastern China, the northern Korean Peninsula or Russia's Maritime Territory as Lionrock weakens and/or loses its tropical characteristics at midweek.

"However, there is still a potential that Lionrock could track a bit farther to the east with the center missing Japan completely," Zartman said.

Lionrock may then target Russia's Sakhalin Island at midweek. While Lionrock will likely not be a typhoon at that time and may lose its tropical characteristics, heavy rain and strong winds could still be a threat.

Even in this scenario, Zartman is concerned for locally heavy rain to develop across Japan and parts of the Korean Peninsula as the dip in the jet stream arrives. Such heavy rain may unfold across the Korean Peninsula, mainly southern areas, and western Japan this weekend.

All residents of from Japan to the Korean Peninsula, northeastern China and neighboring Russia should continue to check back with AccuWeather for updates on Lionrock's path and more details on its impacts.

Residents are urged to take the time now to review typhoon preparations and decide what needs to be done if Lionrock threatens your community.

For those still recovering from Mindulle, any damaged items that remain loose could become dangerous projectiles by Lionrock's winds. Trees or branches weakened by Mindulle could easily get toppled over if Lionrock moves through.