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Weekly Wrap-Up: Joaquin Intensifies Into Category 4 Hurricane; Deadly Dujuan Batters Taiwan

Tropical cyclones presented trouble around the world this week.

Joaquin rapidly intensified through the Atlantic during the week, reaching Category 4 status on Thursday as it battered portions of the Bahamas with rain and strong winds. The East began preparations for Joaquin's flooding and strong, pounding winds at the coast.

Ahead of Joaquin, heavy rains brought significant flooding across the East. Boston and Worcester, Massachusetts, along with Providence, Rhode Island, set new daily rainfall records on Wednesday. The Carolinas were also inundated by flooding rainfall, including the highest totals of the region.

In the West Pacific, Dujuan battered Japan's Ryukyu Islands, Taiwan and eastern China. At least two people were killed and more than 300 were injured as a result of the storm striking Taiwan. Prior to reaching Taiwan, Dujuan strengthened into a powerful typhoon with winds equal to that of a Category 4 hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean.

Marty developed into a hurricane as it approached the the southwestern coast of Mexico on Monday. The storm's time as a hurricane was short-lived as it weakened into a tropical storm later that night. The storm never made landfall, but it did bring downpours and rough surf to part of the coast.

Meanwhile, winter arrived early in Alaska, as the state received several rounds of snow. Fairbanks received 6.7 inches of snow on Friday, Sept. 25, and another 11.2 inches on Tuesday.

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