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Warmup in UK Follows Cool Week

Warming will spread over much of the United Kingdom Sunday and Monday, following a string of rather cool days.

England, especially, will be feeling warm with many highs of 23-25 C on Sunday, then 25-27 C on Monday. The warmest areas will include the Midlands as well as the East and South of England.

In the meantime, the high temperature in the United Kingdom will be no higher than normal on Friday and Saturday. London, for instance, will reach a high of 21 C on Friday with 22 C slated for the day on Saturday. Highs in Greater London earlier in the week were about 20-21 C daily.

While much of England and Wales will see little in the way of rain, much of Scotland will see multiple rainy intervals right through Saturday.

The primary triggered for the warming trend will be an unusually strong depression that will spin at sea west of Ireland on Sunday and Monday. Southerly winds ahead this depression and its cold front will draw warmth into England. However, truly hot air will stay on the continent, flowing across Spain and France into Germany by Monday afternoon.

The western depression will usher cooler, potentially showery weather eastward in the United Kingdom later Monday and Tuesday.