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Tropics to Attempt to Activate off US East Coast

There are signs for the lull in tropical activity across the Atlantic Basin to end off the East coast of the United States as this weekend ends and the new week begins.

The area of low pressure set to start this weekend off on a wet note around Virginia and Washington, D.C., is being monitored for eventual tropical development by AccuWeather meteorologists.

"A weak area of low pressure over the Ohio Valley Friday afternoon will move to the Carolina coast this weekend and will exit Sunday afternoon," stated AccuWeather Tropical Weather Expert Dan Kottlowski.

"If the system moves off the coast far enough to the south and remains over the warm waters of the Gulf Stream, there is some potential for it to become an organized tropical system Sunday night and into early next week," Kottlowski continued.

It could either become a tropical or subtropical depression or storm depending on whether it partially or fully acquires tropical characteristics. The next named storm in the Atlantic would be called "Claudette."

"It would not be a strong system as it has a small window of opportunity [to track over the Gulf Stream]," Kottlowski continued.

"Since the system would develop offshore and move away from the coast of the United States, the main concern would be increased surf from the coast of North Carolina northward to New England," added Kottlowski.

Hazards would then unfold for beachgoers and operators of small craft.

Due to how it juts out into the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Cod and the neighboring islands will have to be watched for any rain or wind concerns if the system takes a slightly more westward track.

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Heavy rain and gusty winds could also become concerns on Nova Scotia around Tuesday of next week, where the system should eventually track to.

AccuWeather will continue to provide updates to this tropical development potential through the weekend.