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Relentless Rain to Continue Across Florida Into October

Frequent showers and thunderstorms over Florida experienced during September thus far are likely to continue into October.

While the amount of rain has not been been tremendous over Florida during September compared to average, there have been many days with rain. On average, since Sept. 1, there have only been three days without some sort of rainfall over much of the Florida Peninsula.

Tropical storms and hurricanes typically play a major role in the rainy season over Florida during June through September, with September marking the peak of hurricane season. However, the rainfall in a typical tropical pattern tends to get bunched into a few several-day periods rather than strung along day after day.

According to AccuWeather Hurricane Expert Dan Kottlowski, "It is unusual that we have not had any organized tropical systems affecting Florida this month."

So what has been causing all the wet weather?

"Part of the reason for the large number of rainy days is fronts have pushed unusually far south over the Southern states this month."

"While these fronts have not pushed so far to bring dramatically cooler weather to the Florida Peninsula, they have stalled close enough to the region to allow tropical moisture to focus nearby," Kottlowski said.

There has been a nearly endless conveyer belt of tropical moisture extending from the eastern Gulf of Mexico and the northwestern Caribbean Sea to across the Florida Peninsula in recent weeks.

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The pattern of stalled fronts and a flow of tropical moisture is likely to continue through the end of the month and into at least the first part of October.

"As far as the risk of an organized tropical system affecting Florida, on average, there is the potential for direct impact through October and into November," Kottlowski said. "Statistics have shown that during wet autumns in Florida, there has usually been a direct impact from one or more tropical systems."

This does not necessarily mean there will be direct impact from a tropical system on Florida, moving forward this season.