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NYC Escaping Steadiest Rain the Rest of This Weekend

The departure of rain Saturday morning from New York City is giving way to a mostly dry end to the weekend.

That does not mean that residents will not briefly need their umbrellas or totally escape minor interruptions to outdoor plans as a stray shower or thunderstorm cannot be ruled out.

One such outdoor plan would be heading to Citi Field to watch the Mets host the San Francisco Giants Sunday afternoon.

On Sunday, New York City will lie in between a band of rain riding along the southern New England coast (grazing Long Island in the process) as numerous showers and thunderstorms rattle the Appalachians.

There will be clouds and some breaks of sunshine otherwise this weekend in New York City. While typical early August warmth will be absent, humidity will not be.

Beyond the weekend, a shower or thunderstorm will still be around on Monday, mainly in the afternoon, before a dry Tuesday unfolds. Each day will be humid as temperatures gradually rise through the 80s.

Bertha, meanwhile during the first part of the new week, will be steered away from the East Coast.