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Typhoon Matmo to Threaten Taiwan and China

As once-Super Typhoon Rammasun dissipates across northern Vietnam, Matmo in the Philippines Sea has strengthened into a typhoon.

Located to the east of the Philippines, Typhoon Matmo is gradually gaining strength and will track to the northwest in the general direction of Taiwan.

While Matmo will be across open water through the beginning of the week, the Philippines will still feel some effects from the storm as it enhances a tropical southwesterly flow from the South China Sea. This will lead to the threat for heavy rain and subsequent flooding across Mindoro and western Luzon.

Rammasun brought damaging wind and flooding rainfall to this same area less than a week ago.

While Matmo tracks to the northwest during the next couple of days, the combination of very warm ocean water and light wind shear (strong winds the surface that can shred tropical systems apart) will allow the typhoon to strengthen.

As a result, meteorologists expect Matmo to be a powerful typhoon as it nears Taiwan.

The eastern coast of Taiwan can see impacts from Matmo begin as early as Tuesday with outer bands of squally showers and thunderstorms moving onshore. However, the greater impacts will not arrive until Wednesday and Wednesday while the typhoon moves across or near the country.

Damaging wind and flooding rainfall are expected across the island. Storm surge will likely inundate the eastern coastline.

While dangerous conditions will threaten the entire country, the worst impacts will slam the eastern side of Taiwan which is less populous than the western side.

Once crossing near or over Taiwan, Matmo is expected to cross the Formosa Strait (Taiwan Strait) and will move into eastern China later in the week. Impacts from Matmo will be well to the north of the area recently impacted by Rammasun just a day or two ago.