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Showers to Dampen Weekend for Northeast, Midwest

Residents of the Northeast and Midwest may want to keep an umbrella handy this weekend as showers linger around the regions.

Neither Saturday or Sunday will be a washout, but the showers will be enough to dampen any outdoor activities planned for either day.

Cooler conditions will also accompany the showers with more clouds than sunshine and temperatures running a few degrees below normal.

Fortunately, those attending the Kentucky Derby can count on a dry race as the showers stay well to the north on Saturday.

Folks headed to the ballpark this weekend shouldn't have to worry about any game being rained out. However, a raincoat or poncho may be useful in the event that a shower or two passes over during the game.

Flooding is not anticipated to be a problem, even across the mid-Atlantic where several inches of rain led to flooding and landslides this past week.

For those looking for drier weather, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The system responsible for this lugubrious weather pattern is expected to track over Atlantic Canada early next week allowing for drier weather to make a return to much of the mid-Atlantic.

Not all of the East will be in the clear though, as spotty showers linger around New England, as well as moving though the Ohio Valley.

Similar to what will be seen this weekend, very little rainfall is expected, but it may still dampen any outdoor activities.