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MinuteCast Users Weigh in on Decision-Making Benefits of the Feature

Knowing when precipitation such as rain, ice or snow will stop and start allows for effective, last-minute decision making when weather impedes daily life schedules.

AccuWeather unveiled MinuteCast™ on the web and in the company's brand new iOS 7 application for the iPhone or iPod touch in February, enabling users to find out when precipitation will stop and start and how intense it will be by using Minute by Minute™ forecasts for specific, personalized locations.

The new MinuteCast gives users insight into what's happening in the immediate future, so that they can make better decisions and improve the course of their day and their lives, Chief Digital Officer for AccuWeather Steve Smith said.

Giving viewers a full two hours of minute by minute forecasts for an exact location or address, MinuteCast is available across the United States and on the website and mobile site.

To access MinuteCast on, simply type in your zip code and click on the MinuteCast tab.

Since its debut, users have found practical applications to aid in everyday decisions, including the best times to exercise outdoors, when to take the dog for a walk and how to plan an outdoor job.

"I do a lot of landscape lighting and MinuteCast helps me plan my day better," Facebook user Jimmy Dorf said. "If it's going to rain, I plan my indoor electrical jobs around the rain."

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