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UK, Ireland Face Damaging Wind Threat

The strongest storm to blast the United Kingdom and Ireland since the spring threatens to whip up damaging winds Sunday through Monday.

Bouts of rain and nothing worse than breezy conditions through Saturday will precede the impending potent storm and its damaging winds.

If the storm develops to its full potential, it would be capable of unleashing wind gusts of 80 to 110 kph (50 to 70 mph) from northwestern Ireland to Scotland Sunday through Monday.

Northern and western coastal locations will be most susceptible to winds on the higher end of that range.

Such winds could lead to widespread tree damage and power outages, as well as minor structural damage. Additional damage will result if the trees land on structures and cars.

More sporadic tree damage and power outages could unfold in Dublin, London and across the rest of Ireland, England and Wales where gusts between 60 and 80 kph (35 and 50 mph) are possible.

Again, the above wind gusts are based on the idea of the storm reaching its full potential. Winds will still howl across the United Kingdom and Ireland if the storm is a bit weaker with gusts slightly below or on the lower end of the ranges above.

Regardless of the exact wind gusts, wind-swept rain will accompany the storm across northern and western parts of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Spottier gusty showers are expected elsewhere.

It is unusually early for such a storm to be threatening the United Kingdom and Ireland, stated Senior Meteorologist Alan Reppert.

"Most of these stronger storms typically happen from October into the winter."