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Australia Sets Warmest 12-Month Period on Record

In a statement released by the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology, Australia has just experienced its warmest 12-month period on record.

A very unseasonable August helped set this mark as average temperatures country wide were 1.6 degrees C (2.9 degrees F) above normal. This marked the second warmest highest departure from normal for any month on record.

Maximum temperatures were even more extreme, averaging 2.6 degrees C (4.7 degrees F) above normal.

For the 12-month period from September 2012 through August 2013, the mean temperature across all of Australia was 1.11 degrees C (2 degrees F) above normal. The mean temperature is derived from the average of maximum and minimum temperatures.

The combination of the nation's fourth warmest spring, hottest summer, seventh warmest autumn and third warmest winter led to the warmest 12-month period on record.

No shots of cold air are expected across Australia during the next week as unseasonable warmth prevails from Perth to Sydney.

Long-range forecasts suggest that unseasonable warmth will prevail through the upcoming spring for Australia which could lead to more records.