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Break in Humidity Arriving for Boston

Cooler, less humid air is heading for Boston Tuesday evening, with several days of bright sunshine expected to follow.

The push of Canadian air will end the daily risk of showers and thunderstorms experienced during the holiday weekend, which caused multiple delays to Round 4 of PGA Tour.

Temperatures are expected to drop well into the 60s and upper 50s during the nighttime hours this week. Suburban areas will have cooler temperatures than the city.

During the day, the highs should stay in the mid-70s to low 80s, with light breezes present. After Tuesday night, skies will stay sunny, and less humidity is expected.

Beyond Tuesday afternoon, the only potential weather-related travel problem would be patchy early-morning fog for long-distance commuters over the interior river valleys of New England and the mid-Atlantic.

Daytime conditions should stay favorable for beachgoers this weekend, though temperatures will cool quite a bit at night.