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Violent Storms Cruise NYC Suburbs, NJ, Conn.

While the main risk to lives and property remains from flash and urban flooding early this week, a few storms can bring damaging winds and large hail.

During Monday midday, a couple of storms have had enough favorable conditions to produce a couple of spin-up tornadoes over northern New Jersey and western Connecticut.

The storms are occurring as a disturbance rolls northeastward along the boundary between hot and humid air offshore and a corridor of drenching downpours.

People should be alert for rapidly changing weather conditions from New Jersey to central and southern New England Monday afternoon.

There is a possibility of a couple of rain-wrapped tornadoes.

If a tornado warning is issued for your area, move indoors, away from windows, preferable in a basement or small interior room.

A similar setup late last week produced funnel clouds and at least one tornado in central Pennsylvania.