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Join Us for AccuWeather LIVE as We Discuss What to Watch Out for This Summer

On this week's edition of AccuWeather LIVE, our meteorologist will be joined by Dr. Len Lichtenfeld, MD, Deputy Chief Medical Officer for the national office of the America Cancer Society, as he explains the ways to stay safe in the sun this summer. He will explain shocking statistics about the development of skin cancer, such as the fact that adulthood skin cancer risks can be started from not wearing enough sunscreen in childhood. Even adults who do wear enough sunscreen as children, however, are not immune from cancer risks as they get older.

We'll also have an interview with Greg Skomal of Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries to discuss the threat of sharks at the beach, particularly at northern beaches that typically do not see many, but have in recent years. He will talk about the recent influx in shark sightings that the Cape Cod area has had over the past few years and what could be causing the change in their location.

Wyatt Werneth, spokesman for American lifeguard Association, will be on to answer questions about how lifeguards deal with shark sightings, evacuating beaches and beach safety. In conjunction, Mark Mancuso will discuss rip currents and how to escape if you are trapped in one.

Have a question about any of these topics or other outdoor summer activities? Be sure to tune in to AccuWeather LIVE this Thursday at 4 p.m. EDT, and send us your questions on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.