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Chilly, Windy and Wet for the United Kingdom and Ireland

A stretch of unpleasant weather has begun across the British Isles with the worst weather expected Thursday into Saturday.

A series of fast-moving low pressure systems will bring reenforcing shots of chilly air, along with strong winds and spells of rain.

High temperatures through Sunday will be 10-13 (C, 50-55F) across northern England, Ireland and Scotland. Temperatures will reach 12-15 (C, 54-59 F) across Wales and southern England.

The first blast of chilly air has already penetrated the United Kingdom as temperatures in most places today will be around 5 degrees (C, 10 degrees F) colder than previous days.

Along with this chilly air, gusty winds have developed. This is only the beginning of what is expected right through the weekend.

Low pressure spinning over Ireland on Thursday will cause rainfall in much of the United Kingdom.

Strong winds, in excess of 40 mph at times, will occur from Ireland into Wales and England. The strongest winds are expected in Wales and southern England, especially near the coastline where gusts over 50 mph will be possible.

Although no widespread damage is expected from these winds, there can be some downed trees and power lines across the region.

Another wave of low pressure will then bring more rainfall and gusty winds to the United Kingdom and Ireland on Friday. Winds are not expected to be as strong as Thursday but still can be in excess of 30 mph at times.

A third reenforcing shot of chilly air will arrive on Saturday and Sunday as spells of rain persist through the weekend. Gusty winds will make it feel even colder yet as gusts reach 30 mph in most areas.