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Denver Heavy Snow Could Reach Midwest This Weekend

A storm aiming to bring up to a foot of snow around Denver Friday could nose eastward across Kansas and Missouri, reaching part of the Midwest this weekend.

The storm will be shifting from the Northwest to the central Rockies Thursday into Friday.

Snow will fall around the Denver metro area Friday into Friday night and is likely to be heavy enough to slow travel on the highways and trigger flight delays. Travel along I-25, I-70, I-76 and I-80 will be affected within or along the foothills of the Rockies.

The storm will continue to roll eastward from the central High Plains toward lower elevations over part of the Mississippi Valley.

As this happens, the width of the intense snow band will shrink so that many major metro areas may only experience wet and slushy roads at worst. However, the few cities and rural communities within that intense snow band could have snow-covered roads and nasty travel even during the middle of the day Saturday and Sunday.

The challenge forecasters are facing is the north-south position of that narrow band of heavy snow. This could set up as far north as Omaha, Chicago and Cleveland or perhaps farther south from Kansas City to St. Louis and Indianapolis.

Travel interests on the Plains and Midwest from the I-70 to the I-80 corridor should be prepared for wintry weather.

Farther south, a mixture of rain and snow will occur from southern Kansas to southern Missouri and perhaps along the Ohio River.

With storms like this in the spring, but in a winter weather pattern, there could be a rather abrupt northern edge to the accumulating snow from part of Nebraska to Wisconsin and Michigan.

Well to the south, there is the potential for flooding rain and severe thunderstorms from parts of Texas to northern Florida this weekend. The severe weather could reach as far north as Arkansas and Tennessee Saturday.

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Further details on the snowstorm, flooding and severe weather potential will be made available as soon as possible on