Neymar says he won't stop partying and you'd do the same if you could too

Neymar is not going to stop partying and he sure doesn't care what the media thinks about it.

The Brazilian superstar has mostly spent the summer living it up -- skipping Copa America to be ready for the Olympics -- and hanging out with the likes of Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber and Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx. But asked by reporters if such a lifestyle could get in the way of helping Brazil secure their first-ever gold medal in men's soccer, the 24-year-old said his play speaks for itself.

"I think you have to start by looking at what I do on the pitch," he told reporters on Tuesday. "The moment I am off the field, it's my personal time.

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"I like to go out and have fun with my friends. I have family too so why can't I go out to clubs? I can and I will. I am well aware what my duties are the next day. I am going to keep going out and I don't see anything wrong with that."

Neymar went a step further and told the reporters in the room that if they could live his lifestyle, they would too. After all, Neymar is rich, young and famous -- and it seems like a pretty safe bet none of the reporters in the room could stake claim to that trifecta. Reports out of Spain earlier this month put his new salary at €15 million after a contract extension with Barcelona.

"Imagine you're 24 years old, earning what I earn and having all that I have," he reportedly told journalists. "Wouldn't you be the same as me?"

He did talk about other things aside from partying on Tuesday. He said he has tried to persuade 19-year-old Brazilian prospect Gabriel Jesus to sign with Barcelona. He also said he is not afraid of losing in the Olympics because he prefers to play with confidence. But you can bet his comments about living it up ruffled some feathers.

Neymar and Brazil will start their Olympic run on Aug. 4 against South Africa.