The Chicago Cubs might be the best team in baseball this year, but Donald Trump isn't buying it.

The Republican presidential candidate was asked on Monday about a cryptic comment he made in February about the team's owners during a meeting with The Washington Post's editorial board, and his answer was, well, just read the exchange:

HIATT: I'd like to come back to the campaign. You said a few weeks ago after a family in Chicago gave some money to a PAC opposing you, you said, "They better watch out. They have a lot to hide." What should they watch out for?

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TRUMP: Look, they are spending vicious ... I don't even know these people. Those Ricketts. I actually said they ought to focus on the Chicago Cubs and, you know, stop playing around. They spent millions of dollars fighting me in Florida. And out of 68 counties, I won 66. I won by 20 points, almost 20 points. Against, everybody thought he was a popular sitting senator. I had $38 million spent on me in Florida over a short period of time. $38 million. And, you know, the Ricketts, I don't even know these people.
HIATT: So, what does it mean, "They better watch out"?
TRUMP: Well, it means that I'll start spending on them. I'll start taking ads telling them all what a rotten job they're doing with the Chicago Cubs. I mean, they are spending on me. I mean, so am I allowed to say that? I'll start doing ads about their baseball team. That it's not properly run or that they haven't done a good job in the brokerage business lately.

Granted, it's been more than a century since the Cubs won a World Series, but it's hard to say they aren't on the upswing these days.