Michael Bisping concedes that the title picture in his middleweight division is a bit complicated these days, but still believes that his record justifies his being able to fight for the championship, next. After all, he's won three-straight, and four out of his last five, with the lone loss coming to current champ Luke Rockhold, and people seem to be getting mentioned for title shots for much less.

"I think I deserve it. I think the middleweight division is a complicated landscape at the moment. I don't see who there is next. I see Jacare [Souza] beating Vitor [Belfort]. But no matter who wins, they'd all be rematches," he recently told MMAFighting.

"Mine would be a rematch, Jacare would be a rematch, Vitor would be a rematch, Weidman is a rematch. I think mine is a compelling case, and we'll see what the UFC wants to do, but I deserve it."

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The Brit brought up the good point that owning a victory over perhaps the greatest fighter of all-time make him an easy sell as a title contender. "I just beat Anderson Silva - I think that sells it in itself," he continued.

"I've won four out of five. I've fought nothing but the best fighters in the world. Nate Diaz may be getting a title shot at Robbie Lawler at welterweight for beating a 145er, okay? Now he gets a welterweight title shot? Come on - I just beat Anderson Silva."

Bisping says he's already made his desire known to UFC president Dana White. Just days after his Feb. 27 fight with Silva, Bisping says he and White spoke on the phone.

"He said, 'what's next?'" Bisping recounted.

"I said, 'you know I want that title shot, Dana.' He said, 'let's see how things play out.' I said, 'Dana, I think I deserve that shot.' Of course, he said 'let's see how these things play out.' I said, 'you son of a bitch.' But, I'm happy to wait - I deserve the next shot."