10 Tiny Homes With Big Personalities

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    Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 10.59.38 AM

  • This "space egg" home could exist anywhere

    This "space egg" home could exist anywhere

Tiny homes are hugely popular -- and if you're tempted to hop on this trend and squeeze into one yourself, you will be glad to know that the shape and design of your mini abode is by no means limited to a cramped, claustrophobic cube. At least, that was what we learned poring through a new book just out by Harper Design, " 150 Best Tiny Home Ideas."

Written by Manel Gutierrez Couto, this gorgeous coffee table -- worthy tome (if you have a home that can fit one, that is) takes you on a tour of some of the most jaw-dropping small-scale abodes around the world. Whether you're shopping for a tiny home or just want to marvel at these ingenious designs, this book is sure to drive home that you should never judge a house by size alone.

An egg-cellent home

This "space egg" (exterior photo up top) has only 215 square feet of living space, yet it has everything a homeowner could need: kitchen, bed, bathroom, and more. Open shelving in every nook and cranny provides plenty of storage space.

Slip 'n' slide

This 350-square-foot chalet in Olympic Peninsula, WA, sports a spectacular sliding gate that can open to reveal the great view, or shuts completely to fight off the elements. Plus tiny homes are easy to put on stilts to protect against floods.

Love triangle

A-frame homes like this one in Brecht, Belgium, have the advantage of low construction costs, plus plenty of usable space inside as long as you're creative.

On a roll

The curvy exterior of this 538-square-foot home in New South Wales, Australia, is made of fireproof metal sheeting -- simultaneously safe and aesthetically eye-catching.

Concrete and cute

This tiny home in Laterns, Austria, is made of concrete -- which lends a feeling of solidness and security amid the harsh mountain landscape.

I'm a big fan

A fan-shaped piece of property in Kyoto, Japan, inspired this home's unusual shape and design -- plus the vertical strips act like shutters to regulate the light inside and provide some privacy for residents within.

Skinny home

Just under 8 feet wide, this home in Tokyo, Japan, was built on a plot known as a "bed of eels" due to its slinky parameters. Yet the interior feels spacious due to its open floor plan and high ceilings.

Let the outside in

Lots of shutters on this 323-square-foot home in Western Australia allow the outdoors in, lending the atmosphere a feeling of more space.

Room with a view

This 344-square-foot home overlooking Sagami Bay in Miura, Japan, is located on a 10-by-26-foot plot. To make the most of the space, the floors are staggered and large windows on each side offer unobstructed views.

House with a twist

The off-kilter window in this cube-shaped home in Kimitsu, Japan, adds a sense of energy and space to an otherwise simple layout.

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