Was the Original Tiny Home Purchased From a Catalog?

  • Green Valley Tiny Home

    Green Valley Tiny Home

  • Updated Kitchen

    Updated Kitchen

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    Living Space

News flash: The "original" tiny house is located in Green Valley, CA. At least that's what an ad in a farming catalog from the '70s claimed -- billing this structure as the "original tiny home," according to the owner, Jeanne Macwhirter.

Macwhirter bought the home out of the catalog "sight unseen," about 40 years ago. She's now selling the property, currently under contract, for $115,000.

"It is probably the original tiny home because of its age," she notes. While we can't speak to it being the first, it certainly is tiny: A one-bedroom, one-bathroom retreat that's just 440 square feet.

That didn't seem to discourage the buyers -- the home has already seen "multiple offers," listing agent Miguel Soler says.

"There's a big buzz right now on tiny houses. With all the stuff that Americans accumulate with personal belongings, I see a trend going," he adds. Instead, for a house like this all you need is "clothes, food, a couple things, and life goes on."

For those willing to shed some of their material possessions, the reward is a charming home in a rural area with very little overhead. Just be prepared to take a 25-minute ride to the nearest town for anything more than gas and the basics.

While the owner initially enjoyed the home as a vacation retreat, she's rented out the remote real estate as a full-time residence for the past 30 years. "It's really affordable up in this area for a little bit of travel, with really no traffic," notes Soler.

Macwhirter has finally decided to let the tiny home go, since its location is "difficult to maintain from San Diego," where she now resides.

Still, from the pictures, the property looks like it's been immaculately maintained. The cabin, nestled among oak trees, fits right in with an interior of knotty pine. Updates to the home include a new roof, new flooring, tile entry, carpet, renovated kitchen, and plumbing.

The inviting space includes a spacious porch and surrounding grounds for outdoor dining or entertaining.

And there's a bonus: The price actually includes two lots that total 9,554 square feet, allowing room to build. But the agent points out that the reality might be challenging, because there is a waiting list for water meters for new construction.

Still, there's plenty of room to put up a garage or extra storage space, which you may want for bicycles or other outdoor gear. The mountains beckon, and the area has hiking and cycling trails.