Back From the Dead: 7 Funeral Homes Are Alive on the Market

  • 114 Willow St., Waterbury, CT

    114 Willow St., Waterbury, CT

  • 1604 J St. SW, Cedar Rapids IA

    1604 J St. SW, Cedar Rapids IA

  • 179 Cypress Ave Pahokee Ave, FL

    179 Cypress Ave Pahokee Ave, FL

Bring out your dead! Actually, wait, don't -- we think these former funeral homes have seen their last days of the dead.

Now they're on the market for those of us who lack embalming skills. You may even be able to unearth some investment property potential in these seven stately buildings we've found for sale.

643 Main St, Pawtucket, RI

Price: $219,000

Last words: This 4,047-square-foot, multiple-unit property is being sold "as is" by the bank. If your dream is to convert a funeral home built in 1964 into a day care for 2016, you will need a special-use certification for it -- ditto with converting the property into a single-family home.

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415 S 2nd St, Hamilton, MT

Price: $550,000

Last words: In 1890, Marcus Daly, one of the three "Copper Kings" of Montana, built this massive 25-room mansion. The 9,500-square-foot house was converted into a funeral home in 1916 and was used as such ever since.

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114 Willow Street, Waterbury, CT

Price: $449,000

Last words: Built in 1890, this Victorian-turned-funeral-home also happens to be the childhood home of "His Girl Friday" star Rosalind Russell. The 5,875-square-foot manse comes with stained-glass windows, mahogany floors (under the carpet), antique fireplaces, and four staircases.

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179 Cypress Ave, Pahokee, FL

Price: $99,000

Last words: Talk about a bargain! For less than 100 large, you can own your very own embalming pad in the Sunshine State. Built in 1970, the traditional-style 5,789-square-foot house comes with three bedrooms and two full bathrooms.

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1604 J St SW, Cedar Rapids, IA

Price: $295,000

Last words: A 6,864-square-foot funeral home-chapel combo and two adjacent lots are included in this listing. However, a buyer will need special consent from the seller to continue with the mourning business. The second floor contains four bedrooms and a full-size kitchen, but the sale doesn't appear to include any of the funereal furnishings.

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805 W Madison St, Ottawa, IL

Price: $150,000

Last words: This mansion-turned-funeral home is in need of some serious interior renovation, but it still looks great from the outside. Built in 1870, the 5,995-square-foot home was turned into the Hulse Funeral home in 1939. Unfortunately, it's seen a lot of neglect over the years -- but for $150,000, maybe you could restore it to its former glory.

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900 Brisbin St, Houtzdale, PA

Price: $145,000

Last words: All business up front but covered in ivy from the back, this brickwork 1920s funeral home gets its heat from a coal-fed water boiler. In addition to the corpse biz, the property generates monthly income from a one-bedroom apartment that's currently being rented out for $400 a month.