Smooth Out Your Swing: 6 Homes With Indoor Golf Simulators

  • Low-tech putting green

    Low-tech putting green

  • A private course

    A private course

  • Indoor and outdoor golf

    Indoor and outdoor golf

Indoor golf simulators certainly aren't a standard amenity, but we're beginning to wonder why not. Well, aside from the price. And, the fact that you wind up with a golf simulator taking up a big chunk of your living space. But for you obsessed golfers out there -- hey, why not? With a little practice from the comfort of home, you could lower your handicap without the necessity of a tee time.

These six homes for dedicated duffers are infinitely cooler than that lame putting mat you keep in your office.

Address: 1867 W Wesley Rd NW, Atlanta, GA
Price: $7,500,000
The ace: Work on your game in style. This stately mansion has not one, but two, private greens: an outdoor putting green and an indoor, state-of-the-art golf simulator, designed to blend in tastefully with the home's dcor.

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Address: 13013 NW 36th Ave, Vancouver, WA
Price: $1,199,000
The ace: With this combination golf simulator and home theater, you can finish off a day of working on your short irons with a movie marathon. We suggest starting with " Tin Cup."

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Address: 187 Iron Ore Hill Rd, Bridgewater, CT
Price: $4,995,000
The ace: Set on a stage with three screens, this simulator offers panoramic course views that will make you feel as though you're teeing off on the PGA Tour.

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Address: Somewhere in Texas
Price: $8,490,000
The ace: This Texas-size mansion is a golfer's paradise. Want to get in some early-morning putting practice? There's a grass putting green outside. Need to work on the hitch in your swing? Head inside to the high-end, TruGolf indoor simulator.

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Address: 1947 Emerald Glen Ct NE, Ada, MI
Price: $889,000
The ace: Ohio State Buckeyes fans need not apply, but this indoor facility proves you don't need to go high-tech to sink putts. With wall-to-wall turf, you always get a good read.

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Address: 15 Grand Regency Cir, The Woodlands, TX
Price: $14,000,000
The ace: It's not enough that this megamansion sits right on the ninth green of the Nicklaus course. With this indoor simulator, your backyard isn't the only place that's seeing action. This dedicated practice space will allow you to play even when the Texas sun is oppressive outside.