This Week's Most Popular House Is a Fabulous (and Affordable) Converted Barn

  • Blacksburg, VA

    Blacksburg, VA

  • Converted barn

    Converted barn

  • Frisco, TX

    Frisco, TX

When reviewing this week's data on the most-clicked homes on, our attention immediately went to the top of the list. We couldn't resist the allure of a converted barn complete with its own vintage brick silo.

While we're not ready to pack our bags for Wisconsin quite yet, we do encourage you to check out the affordable and creative gem atop our list.

Besides the top spot, it was a bit of a mixed bag. All 10 homes hailed from different states, and price tags were all over the map as well. A couple of homes owned by famous names cracked the list alongside modest homes whose appeal was a bit more challenging to pinpoint.

So journey with us through the homes you loved most this week. If you have an additional scoop on any of the homes featured below, please drop us a line.

10. 140 Roann Dr, Oviedo, FL
Price: $360,000
Why it's here: Listing agent Virginia Bellhorn said she targeted car-loving buyers who'd be interested in the home's two large garages. She also encouraged the homeowners to post a link to the home on a Facebook page for local residents. End result? Popularity, of course.

-- -- --

9. 1401 Longhorn Dr, Norfolk, NE
Price: $339,000
Why it's here: According to agent Lin Behmer, this four-bedroom home is "one of the nicer homes in the area." She doesn't have an offer -- yet -- so make your move.

-- -- --

8. 224 NW 3rd, Pelican Rapids, MN
Price: $184,900
Why it's here: Listing agent Arianna Zavala attributed the home's popularity to a recent $15,000 price cut. She also mentioned it's a contemporary standout in a neighborhood of traditional homes and that potential buyers are interested in the home's "decor and style."

-- -- --

7. 3041 Brookmonte Ln, Lexington, KY
Price: $4,750,000
Why it's here: It's the home of the top pick in the 1999 NFL draft. But if you think Tim Couch was a bust after his football career fizzled, this stunning home shows Couch has All-Pro taste off the field.

-- -- --

6. 908 Dogwood Dr, Pell City, AL
Price: $159,900
Why it's here: We're nominating this three-level home as our bargain pick of the week. The handsome house also offers a screened-in pool for year-round swimming.

-- -- --

5. 3575 Arrowwood Dr, Frisco, TX
Price: $559,500
Why it's here: This 4,500-square-foot home offers spacious living at only $122 per square foot. Plus, the pool and spa in the backyard look like a place to make a perfect splash.

-- -- --

4. 9505 Lania Ln, Beverly Hills, CA
Price: $195,000,000
Why it's here: We say it every week: It's the most expensive house in America.

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3. 6228 Norris Run Rd, Blacksburg, VA
Price: $119,900
Why it's here: Last week's most popular home slipped a couple of spots, but it still scored plenty of clicks. With the help of our readers, we solved the mystery of its mass appeal.

-- -- --

2. 40 Lawrence Ln, Palisades, NY
Price: $2,995,000
Why it's here: Accustomed to placing on Billboard charts, Phish frontman Trey Anastasio noodled his way up our chart this week. His Hudson Valley retreat finished the week as our second biggest hit.

-- -- --

1. 434 E Main St, Hortonville, WI
Price: $209,900
Why it's here: Because you can own your own silo (and converted barn) for just a smidge over $200,000! Listing agent Ben Bartolazzi said the brick silo is purely decorative at this point, but the barn's "uniqueness and affordability appeal to people." He recently cut the price and is fielding a number of inquiries on the beautiful barn.