Save Us a Mai Tai, We're Swimming Over to These 7 Stunning Tiki Bars

  • Hemingway tiki

    Hemingway tiki

  • Basement tiki

    Basement tiki

  • Craftsman tiki

    Craftsman tiki

We're not sure if it's the rum-soaked cocktails or the kitschy splashing mermaids and swaying hula girls that make us love Tiki bars, but our love affair with these Polynesian-themed watering holes goes way back.

Address: 28 Kalaka Pl, Kailua, HI
Price: $2,888,000
Under the grass roof: This property makes perfect use of space by incorporating the adorable Tiki bar into the fence, leaving you plenty of poolside real estate to bring in a band and hula dancers.

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Address: 437 Amanda Cir, Tiki Island, TX
Price: $899,000
Under the grass roof: If you're going to have a spot on Tiki Island, you'd better have a killer Tiki bar, and this covered, beachy paradise answers the call. With a thatched roof, plenty of seating, and wall-to-wall bar signs, you have everything you need for endless theme parties. Conga!

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Address: 333 5th St, Atlantic Beach, FL
Price: $1,275,000
Under the grass roof: You don't have to bring Hawaii into the backyard to make a great Tiki bar. Part Craftsman, part seaside stand, this outdoor minibar has colorful shutters to match the house and plenty of poolside seating.

-- -- --

Address: 2702 Snowberry Ct, Vienna, VA
Price: $874,900
Under the grass roof: This Tiki bar -- complete with separate seating (for serving hurricanes tableside) and a flat-screen TV -- might just be the best basement ever.

-- -- --

Address: 1007 Oak Hill Ln, Possum Kingdom Lake, TX
Price: $1,395,000
Under the grass roof: This eclectic space perched over Possum Kingdom Lake is just the kind of spot where we imagine Ernest Hemingway would have ordered a painkiller. With a covered seating area, a heaping dose of kitsch, and even a parrot, this might be the perfect lakeside Tiki haunt.

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Address: 242 Barefoot Beach Blvd, Bonita Springs, FL
Price: $2,995,000
Under the grass roof: With its bushy thatched roof and bamboo backdrop, you might mistake this spot for a Tiki bar right on the beach, but it's actually a home bar under a massive glass dome. This means you could blend up drinks under the Florida sunshine in any kind of weather.

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Address: 3 Bellevue Dr, Treasure Island, FL
Price: $1,000,000
Under the grass roof: With a classic thatched roof, this 10-seat oceanfront Tiki bar is the perfect spot to sip a zombie cocktail and watch the sunset.