Part 2 of Assange interview airs Thursday night

Megyn Kelly asks Julian Assange why he's so interested in Seth Rich's killer. Watch the full interview on Thursday, August 25 -- only on 'The Kelly File'


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange pointed to an October surprise Wednesday night, telling Fox News’ Megyn Kelly his group would release “significant” documents pertaining to Hillary Clinton before the election.

The second part of that exclusive interview is set to air Thursday night at 9 p.m. ET on “The Kelly File,” in which Assange will talk about:

  • The murder of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich and whether Assange believes it was because he was leaking information to his organization

  • His view of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, including the question of what he has on Trump and whether or not that could see the light of day

  • The involvement of his organization and the Russians in American politics, including an assertion by him that the DNC leaks would not have seen the light of day if they were given to a news organization like the New York Times

  • Whether his organization is responsible for damaging material getting out and whether he feels a moral obligation to protect the innocent ensnared in some of the leaks from his group

  • Questions about the veracity of the 2007 video his group released from an American Apache shooting what they claimed were innocents, even though RPG/mortar rounds were found among the dead

  • Why exactly he is holed up, which countries want him and why -- plus the potential assassination attempt on his life earlier this week at the Ecuadorian embassy in London