Live Blogging: Daily Press Briefing

(Jan. 11/ Fox News Photo)

(Jan. 11/ Fox News Photo)

The news ... as we get it ... from the briefing with Press Secretary Robert Gibbs:


 -Tuesday, the First Couple will travel to  Wilmington, Delaware, to attend the funeral of the Vice President's mother, Jean Biden.

-  Later today the President meets with labor leaders to discuss health care ... asked whether the President is confident he'll win those leaders over, Gibbs only said, "I'll tell you after the meeting."

- On  Sen. Harry Reid's comments:  Gibbs says the President has worked with Reid, knows Reid, and "didn't take offense personally ... but believes it was a poor choice of words."

- Gibbs says there is no presidential press conference scheduled in the short term.  [See more on this on tonight's 'Special Report' at 6pmET]

- Wednesday, the President will have an event in the DC area to talk about jobs.  Gibbs adds that  we should expect to see more of the President on this topic over the next few weeks.

- U.S. troops to Yemen? Gibbs reiterates what President Obama has said:  "not happening." 

- On START treaty:  Gibbs says US is working with Russian partners to make headway.