Single mother dies from flu-related cause two days after docs tell her to go home and rest

Single mom Tandy Harmon died just two days after being diagnosed with the flu. Family and friends were shocked by the news of the thirty-six year old woman’s death.

“She was in great spirits, bubbly, jumping around, having a great time. Had a slight cough, but nothing that was slowing her down," said a co-worker, Brad Fauts, who spoke with Fox12 in Portland, Oregan. 

Fauts said Harmon ended up at the hospital with flu symptoms last Wednesday but doctors told her to go home and rest and stay hydrated. But just two hours later, Harmon’s boyfriend had to take her back to the ER because she was getting worse.


“[They] immediately put her on a ventilator and from there she just went downhill,” said Fauts. “By that evening, she was on life-support.

Doctors said she had pneumonia and MRSA – an aggressive blood infection that caused her organs to eventually shut down. By Friday, Harmon’s friends and two children, a 12-year old son, and 11-year old daughter were at her bedside saying goodbye.

“I was in shock. All the people that knew her were in shock. I mean, it was incredibly sad.”

According to health officials in Multnomah County, only 10 percent of flu hospitalizations involve people 18 to 49 years old. However, there are some rare cases when MRSA can sneak in because the flu makes your body more vulnerable.


“I think people will remember her in their heart forever just because of her sweetness and how she treated other people," said Fauts who is urging everyone to be extra careful.       

“Don’t mess around with this flu,” warned Fauts. “If you feel something wrong in your body, go to the doctor and insist that they see you.”       

The CDC says there’s still time to get a flu shot.  The season typically lasts into the spring, so the vaccine can protect you and others around you.

GoFundMe account was established for donations to help support Harmon’s children.