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The surprising way sex could kill you


A breathless 43,000 adults have been rushed to hospital after suffering an asthma attack during sex, a study suggests. Patients report difficulties breathing while performing oral sex and killing the mood by breaking off from their romp to use an inhaler.

Over two in three sufferers (68 per =cent) say their sex lives have been directly affected by the condition.

And 73 percent have been left feeling embarrassed after taking their inhaler on a romantic night out, a survey of 544 people by Asthma UK reveals.

Almost half (46 percent) said they would be more sexually confident if they did not have the respiratory disease.

Some have reduced the amount of sex they have or stopped having it altogether after getting frisky made their condition worse.

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And two in three (64 percent) say perfume or scented candles have triggered symptoms.

Others have suffered a reaction to latex in condoms or strong-smelling flowers.

Comments shared with the charity for their “Asthma and Your Love Life” survey include: “I’ve ended up in hospital because an orgasm set off my asthma.”

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