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Aussie police seize baby koala during woman's arrest

 (Queensland Police via AP)

A baby koala was found in a woman's backpack after she was arrested during a routine traffic stop.

As officers searched her they asked if she had anything to declare.

She handed over a zipped green canvas bag and said there was a joey inside that she had found the night before and she was looking after it.

The koala, believed to be about six months old, was taken to a police station in Brisbane, Australia, to be cared for until an official carer can be found.

RSPCA Queensland spokesman Michael Beatty said: "He's been on fluids but is doing well and will shortly be going out to a carer... we've called him Alfred."

He said if anyone found a koala they should not try to hold it.

Beatty said: "Often the animal may have no obvious signs of injury but it can have internal injuries that need immediate attention."

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