A planned lunch between Iranian president Hassan Rouhani and French president Francois Hollande was scrapped after Rouhani asked that all wine be pulled from the menu, French media reported Tuesday.

The lunch reportedly had been planned for November 17th. Analysts say the Iranian president frequently asks for meals that conform to Islamic law, which prohibits the consumption of alcohol.

A source told France's RTL Radio that a wine-free lunch would violate the nation's "republican traditions." The French government reportedly gave a counter-offer: a breakfast meeting instead, which presumably would avoid alcohol.

Iran rejected the proposal, calling it "too cheap," the source said.

Hollande's advisors say they are still finalizing plans for Rouhani's visit, adding that it does not necessarily need to include an official meal. They told the newspaper Le Monde the spat over wine was "ridiculous."

The planned trip includes a stop in Italy, and makes Rouhani the first Iranian president to visit Europe in more than a decade, the Daily Telegraph reports.