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Showers to threaten Opening Day baseball in St. Louis

As the defending World Series champions play their first regular-season game in St. Louis on Sunday evening, approaching showers could threaten the open-air stadium.

While tailgating is prohibited at Busch Stadium, the Opening Day Pep Rally held in the Ballpark Village parking lot on Sunday afternoon will go uninterrupted by the weather.

Dry and unseasonably warm conditions are expected for the day on Sunday, with temperatures reaching towards 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the afternoon.

“For fans arriving early, afternoon high temperatures for the heated contest will be seasonable, if not a few degrees above normal,” said AccuWeather Meteorologist Kyle Brown.


However, fans need not lather on the sunscreen for any outdoor activities.

“Fans looking for some sun prior to sunset may be disappointed due to an abundance of clouds,” said Brown.

Cubs fans enjoying the game from Chicago should be prepared to move any plans indoors, as late-afternoon showers are in the forecast.

Pleasant conditions are in store for the first pitch of the season in St. Louis.

“Dry weather with temperatures in the 60s F to start the game will be welcoming to most,” said Brown.

Fans may be able to notice the approach of rainy weather as dew points rise and the wind picks up throughout the evening.

“Mother Nature might be fan of Sunday night’s matchup as a soaking rain looks to hold off until the end of the ballgame,” said Brown.

“Winds may play a minor role in this major league contest as winds will be blowing in from the right field line, around 10-15 mph.”

The two other Opening Day matchups will be home games for the Tampa Bay Rays and Arizona Diamondbacks - both of which host dome stadiums.

While the games themselves may be unaffected by the weather, “fans out-and-about prior to the divisional matchup in Phoenix will experience plenty of sunshine and a seasonable temperature in the low 80s,” said Brown.

Traveling Yankees fans can expect a stark difference from the weather back home, with high temperatures in Tampa expected to be nearly 30 degrees Fahrenheit higher than those in the Big Apple.

“Fans spending time around the ballpark can leave the rain gear at home, with dry weather in the forecast,” said Brown.

Dry and pleasant weather for all three first pitches will make for a smooth day of baseball across the country.