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When will Florida downpours let up?

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The recent deluge across Florida may have many residents and vacationers begging the question: when will the persistent downpours end?

While afternoon thunderstorms will be a common theme across the Sunshine State into the middle of the new week, the intensity and coverage of the storms and heavy downpours is expected to lessen.

One last round of drenching downpours is in store for South Florida on Saturday before thunderstorm activity becomes more spotty on Sunday.

A stalled front, which has been responsible for the persistent flooding downpours in Tropical Storm Colin's wake, will gradually dissipate across South Florida into early next week, according to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Michael LeSeney.

"While there will be additional showers and thunderstorms across the Florida Peninsula [through early week], they will not be as focused across central and South Florida as they have been to end this past week," LeSeney explained.

Instead, brief pop-up afternoon thunderstorms, which are typical during the spring and summer months, will be more common across the Sunshine State from Sunday into the middle part of next week.

Any location that does experience an afternoon thunderstorm or two will face torrential downpours and frequent lightning strikes for a time.

While the downpours will be more widely scattered and less frequent, enough rain could fall to overwhelm drainage systems and cause localized flash flooding.

Bathers and boaters will want to remain aware of the weather situation each day. While the day may start out sunny, storms can quickly explode during the afternoon hours.

Along with the diminishing threat of widespread heavy downpours will be a lower risk of rough surf and frequent rip currents.

Four people drowned in rough surf along Florida beaches this past week, according to the Associated Press.

"Unlike last week, the surf and rip currents, while still posing a natural hazard even on an average day, will not be stronger than normal early next week," Leseney stated.

The reduction in downpours and calmer seas will be a welcome sight for boaters, residents and vacationers of the Sunshine State.

Cities such as Fort Myers, Melbourne, Pensacola, Sebring and Tallahassee received over half of their normal monthly rainfall during the first 10 days of June.

Tampa has already exceeded 7 inches of rain so far this month. Normally, the city receives a little over 6.50 inches of rain in all of June.

Downpours could become more frequent once again toward the latter half of next week.