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Guillermo to Track Towards Hawaii Through Midweek

The Hawaiian Islands will want to be on alert this week as a tropical system is lurking over water east of the island chain.

After forming into a depression on Wednesday, July 29, Guillermo has tracked through the open water of the east-central Pacific with little impacts. However, that will be changing this week.

Now a Category 2 hurricane with maximum wind speeds of 105 mph, Guillermo will continue on a west-northwestward path over the coming days, taking aim at Hawaii on Wednesday and Thursday.

Persistent wind shear will likely keep the system from strengthening early this week and will actually help to weaken it as it tracks closer. Slightly cooler ocean water will also help to weaken the system over the coming days.

Despite the weakening trend, Guillermo will still bring impacts to Hawaii. The exact impacts depend on the track Guillermo takes as it approaches the islands and the current state of the system when it does so.

AccuWeather meteorologists expect Guillermo to travel just north of Hawaii as a tropical storm, but a small change in the track could send the tropical system into the Big Island.

If the track shifts farther to the south, greater impacts will be felt including: heavier rainfall, stronger winds and possible mudslides, especially across the northeast-facing portion of the islands.

Regardless of the track, high surf, large swells and dangerous rip currents will pose hazards this week as Guillermo approaches. Also, the system will likely pass close enough to disrupt the normal trade flow and bring an uptick in moisture that would enhance showers Wednesday and Thursday.

As the weekend approaches, Guillermo will likely weaken and dissipate as it battles cooler water and stronger wind shear.

While the rest of the eastern and central Pacific is quiet, the western Pacific is active with Soudelor expected to track towards China and Taiwan this week.