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Storms to Depart Europe for Ash Wednesday

While the start of the week will still bring wet conditions to portions of western Europe, it will soon dry out once again across the region as high pressure moves in from the Atlantic during the middle of the week.

From Monday into Tuesday, a trough of low pressure will bring unsettled weather from the United Kingdom and western France into Spain and Italy. Included in the rain area will be London, England, and Brest, France.

Another low pressure system will deliver rain across the central and western Mediterranean, including Rome, Italy.

However, western Europe, which has been storm-battered through the start of the year, will see another much-needed break from stormy conditions during the middle of the week.

High pressure currently in the eastern Atlantic will move to the east, tracking across western Europe during the middle of the week. With this high, dry conditions will be widespread on Wednesday from southern Britain and France to Ukraine and the Balkans.

Many areas will see a mostly to partly sunny sky as well, baring areas of morning fog. Most heading to Ash Wednesday services across Europe should have no weather-related travel problems. For services in Vatican City, meteorologists expect that dry weather should prevail with a mixture of sun and clouds.

Temperatures will be moderate as well across much of Europe with highs on Wednesday within a few degrees of normal. This will equate to highs near 10 C (50 F) in London, 6 C (43 F) in Berlin and 14 C (58 F) in Rome.