Florida Downpours Sound Retreat While Tropics Bear Watching

The disturbance responsible for drenching South Florida downpours will swing toward Bermuda this weekend, while the former Tropical Depression 9 lurks in the northwestern Caribbean Sea.

Sunshine will return to South Florida and the Keys this weekend as dry air pushes the recent onslaught of clouds, showers and thunderstorms to the south and east.

A batch of drenching rain and locally gusty squalls will depart Cuba and the Bahamas on Saturday. A disturbance at the center of the showers and thunderstorms will pass near Bermuda later Saturday night into Sunday.

Earlier this month, Fay passed near Bermuda as a strong tropical storm, while Gonzalo reached islands as a Category 3 hurricane last weekend. The disturbance this weekend will have far less-dramatic impacts.

According to AccuWeather.com Hurricane Expert Dan Kottlowski, "The feature passing near Bermuda this weekend has a low percentage chance of organizing into a named tropical system."

Meanwhile, the weak circulation and thunderstorms associated with the former Tropical Depression 9 will drift over waters in the northwestern Caribbean Sea this weekend.

According to AccuWeather.com Senior Meteorologist Bob Smerbeck, "There is a chance the former Tropical Depression 9 redevelops later this weekend into early next week."

Strong winds aloft and interaction with land have played a role in the system's track and demise and will continue to be an influence. However, if the feature was to spend considerable time over warm water, reorganization could occur.

"Steering winds will tend to keep the system over the Caribbean this weekend but will tend to push any leftover system toward the northwest, perhaps over part of Central America, the Yucatan Peninsula and into the southwestern Gulf of Mexico next week."

People can keep up to date on the tropical situation this weekend into next week in the Caribbean and overseas by monitoring the AccuWeather.com Hurricane Center.