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Typhoon Rammasun Targets China and Vietnam

After unleashing deadly flooding and damaging winds across the Philippines on Tuesday and Wednesday, Typhoon Rammasun now has its sights set on southern China and northern Vietnam.

Even though the typhoon has weakened from its peak intensity due to interaction with some rugged terrain across the Philippines, future intensification is expected as it approaches Hainan Island later this week.

Warm ocean waters combined with lighter wind shear at times through Friday will allow the storm to become better organized. Rammasun will likely bring winds close to 100 mph to Hainan Island on Friday.

Damaging winds will also be possible across southern Guangdong and Guangxi Provinces in China as well as northern Vietnam.

Flooding rain, mudslides and coastal storm surge will also be risks associated with Rammasun.

Storm surge up to 2.5 meters (8 feet) will be possible in northern and eastern Hainan Island as well as the southwest coast of Guangdong, including the Leizhou Peninsula.

Rainfall of 4-8 inches is expected from Hainan Island through coastal Guangxi Province and across northern Vietnam, including Hanoi.

Hong Kong will remain far enough to the north, that any impacts will be limited to higher surf and a few downpours as the outer bands of the storm pass through the area.

Due to the rugged terrain of northern Vietnam, Rammasun will quickly weaken as it moves inland and become a post-tropical low by Sunday.

Even though it will be quickly weakening, torrential rain from the storm will lead to a widespread flooding threat in northern Vietnam and also likely produce mudslides across the region.