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Wet, Stormy Pattern to Cause Flooding in UK and Ireland

With a persistent wet and stormy pattern, flooding problems are likely in parts of storm-weary UK and Ireland into next week.

After a brief break on Thursday, the next storm will emerge from the Atlantic Friday, spreading rain across the region.

West-facing coasts are expected to feel the brunt of the wet weather with lesser amounts farther east, including cities such as Dublin and London.

As the Friday storm departs, showery weather will prevail into the first half of the weekend before another surge of moisture brings steadier rain Sunday.

By the early part of next week, a total of 5 to 8 cm (2 to 3 inches) of rain is expected along the west coasts of Ireland, Scotland and England as well as all Wales.

The combination of an unusually wet December and more rain over the next several days will cause flooding in parts of the region. A very saturated ground will not be able to receive much more additional rain.

A seemingly unending train of storms has brought soaking rain to much of the region over the past month as well as high winds. Since Dec. 1, many locations have be soaked by rainfall that has been 150-200% of normal.

Many places in western Ireland have picked up close to 25 cm of rain since the start of December with 5-15 cm of rain in southern England. One of the wettest locations has been Bournemouth, where 28.5 cm (11.25 inches) of rain fell in December, 22 cm (9 inches) above average.

More rounds of showers and gusty winds are expected through at least the first half of January.

Elsewhere in Europe, the weather has been much quieter and milder. In fact, many places from northern Italy through the Balkans and into parts of Hungary were several degrees C above normal in December.