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PHOTOS: Andrea Whips the South, Moves Eastward

The first tropical storm of the season, Andrea, made landfall ten miles south of Steinhatchee, Fla., in

Dixie County around 5:45 p.m. EDT Thursday night.

This year marks the fourth-consecutive year in which there has been a tropical cyclone in the Atlantic basin in the month of June.

Trees and power lines were downed across much of the Southeast as sustained winds whipped as high as 65 mph at the time of landfall, according to the National Hurricane Center. As the storm tracked across Florida, wind gusts were recorded as high as 56 mph.

The storm unleashed torrential rain Wednesday through Friday, flooding Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas.

Eight tornadoes were reported in the state of Florida alone Thursday and two were reported in North Carolina as Andrea pushed northward.

Rainfall Totals Across the Southeast

Rainfall in Inches
Winnabow, N.C.
5.20 inches
Bolivia, N.C.
4.38 inches
Leland, N.C.
4.32 inches
Carrabelle, Fla.
3.64 inches
Panacea, Fla.
2.54 inches
Perry-Foley Airport, Fla.
2.52 inches

As the storm is ongoing, check the Live Blog for the latest updates.