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Woman calls veteran's PTSD service dog 'nasty' in viral video

An argument broke out at a Delaware restaurant this week after a woman complained to a veteran that service dogs inside eateries are “nasty.”


Primary - Elementary

Vermont teacher fired after leading third graders in Nazi salute

A veteran Vermont teacher was axed after she was caught instructing a class of third graders on how to give a Nazi salute.

Michael Grimm was a rising star in the Republican Party before scandal struck and he served seven months in a minimum security federal prison camp

Midterm Elections

Ex-Rep. Michael Grimm, out of prison, eyes political comeback

Disgraced former New York congressman Michael Grimm, once a rising star in the Republican Party, has been testing the waters in hopes of a political comeback.

This photo combo provided by the Frederick, Md., Police Department shows, Edgar Chicas-Hernandez, 17, left, and Victor Gonzalez Guttierres, 19.  Authorities in Maryland have charged the two teens with kidnapping and raping a classmate and police say a third suspect is at large. (Frederick, Md., Police Department via AP)

Sex Crimes

Illegal immigrant among two men accused in rape of teen on orders from younger woman

An illegal immigrant is one of two teens arrested in Maryland in connection with the brutal kidnapping and rape of a young woman -- allegedly on orders of another female, officials said.

Pit Bull Service Dog Travels on Airplane Seat

Museums Exhibits

Museum's pit bull video is animal cruelty, critics say

The Guggenheim Museum in New York City is facing backlash from critics and animal rights activists over an exhibit featuring a video of dogs trying to fight.

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Florida nursing home officials reportedly called emergency hotline provided by Gov. Rick Scott Florida nursing home officials reportedly called emergency hotline provided by Gov. Rick Scott


Voicemails from nursing home where patients died deleted from Florida governor's phone, report says

The help-seeking voicemails from a nursing home where 11 people died during Hurricane Irma have been deleted from Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s cell phone, according to a report.

Proud American

Iraq combat vet pulls woman from burning car just before it explodes

An Iraq combat veteran in North Carolina is being hailed a hero for helping rescue a woman from a burning car just before it exploded.

Legal panel provides insight into the case


Holly Bobo case: convicted killer sentenced to life in prison plus 50 years

A man convicted of killing Holly Bobo avoided the death penalty Saturday after accepting a sentence that will keep him behind bars for the rest of his life-- plus 50 years.

Police surround the Rehabilitation Center in Hollywood Hills, Fla., which had no air conditioning after Hurricane Irma knocked out power, Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017. Several patients at the sweltering nursing home died in Hurricane Irma's aftermath, raising fears Wednesday about the safety of Florida's 4 million senior citizens amid widespread power outages that could go on for days. (John McCall/South Florida Sun-Sentinel via AP)

Hurricane Irma

11th death linked to Florida nursing home tragedy

Florida lawmakers, emergency management officials and nursing home owners met Friday in a bid to implement new safety rules following a tragedy that resulted from Hurricane Irma.

Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief weighs in


Veterans left behind? Irma evacuations were botched, Florida VA center says

A dispute between a Florida VA medical center and Pinellas County on where to evacuate up to 30 patients during Hurricane Irma, resulted in them being left behind, reported the Tampa Bay Times.

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College student spent 60 hours in cave before rescue, licked walls for water

A 19-year-old Indiana college student contemplated foraging for crickets and licked damp walls for water after getting locked inside a gated cave for nearly 60 hours.


ACLU sues St. Louis over treatment of protesters

The American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri filed a lawsuit against the city of St. Louis on Friday over what it called "unlawful and unconstitutional action" during demonstrations that ...

Photo courtesty of Valerie Couch


Mini pet pig stolen during home break-in found dead, family says

A small pet pig named Spam, who was stolen during a Cleveland home break-in earlier this month, was found dead, the owners said Thursday.



Michigan teacher accused of embezzling more than $30G from school and gambling it away

Lydia Christine Johnson, a former Spanish teacher at Dakota High School in Macomb Township, has been accused of embezzling more than $30,000 from the school and using it to gamble.


Mom, husband indicted in death of daughter found in 'burn pile'

A Missouri woman and her husband were indicted Wednesday in the death of the woman's biological 16-year-old daughter, whose burned remains were found last month on the couple's property.

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GOP councilmen speak out against their colleagues' demonstration GOP councilmen speak out against their colleagues' demonstration


New Mexico school board to recite Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish at meetings

A New Mexico school board is planning to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish at public meetings starting next week.

Black and White photo of a toilet and toilet paper dispenser.


Flush with success, Texas toilet-seat artist ready to retire

Barney Smith, the man known as the "King of the Commode," has been creating works of art out of toilet seats for more than 50 years.

0620 texas flag

Police and Law Enforcement

Police officer in Texas suspended indefinitely for relationship with convicted prostitute

A 22-year police department veteran in San Antonio, Texas, has been suspended indefinitely because of a relationship with a convicted prostitute.


Houston leaders propose $15B plan to mitigate storm damage

Flood gates could prevent storm surges from flooding the Port of Houston; Casey Stegall reports from Galveston, Texas

Declaration of Independence


Patriotic parent balks at teacher's gender-neutral Declaration of Independence

A patriotic parent in Mesa, Ariz., got her fourth-grade child moved to a different class after finding out the teacher had students recite a gender-neutral version of the Declaration of Independence.

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Jim Gray reacts to Trump's conflicts with the sports world Jim Gray reacts to Trump's conflicts with the sports world


Trump rescinds NBA Curry's White House invite after 'statement' remark

President Trump on Saturday rescinded Golden State Warrior star Stephen Curry’s invitation to the White House, after Curry suggested he doesn’t want to go to the Washington event that will honor his ...

Fox News contributor Lt. Col Michael Waltz and 'The Five' co-host Juan Williams weigh in on 'The Story'


Hawaii reportedly prepares for nuclear attack amid North Korea rhetoric

Hawaiian officials are reportedly preparing for a nuclear attack by North Korea while trying not to worry residents and tourists.


New Orleans mayoral candidate has court date in Uber masturbation case

A Democratic candidate for mayor in New Orleans allegedly masturbated during an Uber ride in California earlier this year, authorities said.

Police and Law Enforcement

California officer shoots, kills man after struggle caught on video

A Southern California police officer shot and killed a man Friday after a confrontation outside a convenience store that was videoed by a bystander.

High School

Cheerleader forced-splits video leads high school principal, athletic director to step down

A Colorado high school principal has retired and the athletic director has resigned amid the ongoing fallout over a video that showed cheerleaders being forced to do painful splits.

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