Mississippi, Michigan, Idaho and Hawaii Voters Head to the Polls

Another very important Tuesday as we march toward the nominations in the race for the White House.

Today voters in Michigan, Mississippi and Republicans in Hawaii and Idaho cast their votes.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders faced off in a Fox News Town Hall last night in Detroit. It was full of tough questions with Hillary Clinton tackling several question on the email controversy from Bret Baier. Good stuff there.

Here’s how Cathleen Decker in the LA Times summarized it, “Clinton came under sustained questioning by Fox anchor Bret Baier on her use of a private email system while secretary of State. She was asked in depth about the chaotic situation in Libya and whether she deserves the blame for it. She parried the questions and said little different from what she had before.”

The road to the White House for Bernie Sanders is looking increasingly rocky. Here’s what the Washington Post wrote today in an article by James Hohmann

“Hillary Clinton is building her delegate lead, and Bernie Sanders is getting angry.

The senator from Vermont needed a good debate in Michigan on Sunday to change the dynamic of a nominating contest slipping away from him. He didn't get it.

Instead, in the seventh Democratic debate, Sanders found himself on the defensive for the first time over his vote against the auto bailout. He poorly handled delicate racial and gender dynamics. He seemed angry, and he came across as someone who is running to make a point - not to win.”

Mike Bloomberg will not run for President after all. We’re going to talk with Bloomberg (and former Clinton advisor) Doug Schoen about it.

Politico reporter Edward-Isaac Dovere writes:

“For a moment, Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign looked like a go. But the numbers weren’t adding up. After a grim meeting with his advisers Friday, and a weekend to lay the last of his long-held White House dreams to rest, the former New York mayor told them Monday it was over.

His decision not to run was a reality check in an election cycle that’s become a reality show: if a viable candidate with $40 billion and nothing but his ego and reputation to lose can’t find a path in one of the most tumultuous election cycles ever, a real third-party presidential campaign might be an impossibility.

In Bloomberg’s case, he concluded that he’d lose on Election Day — or lose later in the House of Representatives. Either way, he decided, it would probably put Donald Trump in the Oval Office.”

The important Florida newspaper the Sun-Sentinel is not only refusing to endorse Marco Rubio, they’re also offering a non-endorsement of any GOP candidate. The Sun Sentinel Editorial Board writes, “The Sun Sentinel Editorial Board is not going to make an endorsement in Florida's March 15 Republican presidential primary because the kind of person who should be running is not in the race.”

Donald Trump facing suddenly major incoming this week.  Super PACs are going on the attack, and attacks by the establishment and the other candidates may be taking a toll. Political Wire today asks “Is Trump Finally Fading?”.

The New York Times reporters Nate Cohen and Jonathan Martin write today:

“Mr. Trump had a rough week. He faced attacks from the party establishment and criticism for his debate performance on Thursday before barely outpacing Sen. Ted Cruz on Saturday in Kentucky and Louisiana, and losing to him in Kansas and Maine, where Mr. Trump was considered a favorite. But it is not clear whether he struggled to win because he had lost ground or because anti-Trump voters had consolidated around Mr. Cruz… The outcome on Tuesday could be telling. If Mr. Trump were to replicate his Super Tuesday performance, he would take about 35% of the vote in Michigan and 42% in Mississippi. If he were to lose significant ground from last week’s vote, it could present an opening for one of his rivals.”

Politico today asks “Have we reached peak Trump.”

Still most polls have Trump way ahead nationally and in many upcoming primary states.

Several live campaign events to keep an eye on today.

0900EST -- Sen Rubio makes a retail stop. Kissimmee, FL. LIVE via LiveU

0830EST -- OH Gov Kasich appears on F&F from Lansing, MI. LIVE via LiveU

1200EST -- OH Gov Kasich holds a rally. Lansing Brewing Company, Lansing, MI. LIVE via LiveU

1200EST -- Sen Cruz holds a rally. Calvary Baptist Church & School, Raleigh, NC. LIVE via LiveU

There was a train derailment in severe weather in California when a tree fell on train tracks. A passenger train hit the tracks and derailed. Nine people were hurt in Northern California.

Keep an eye on two hearing on the Hill today:

1000EST -- DHS Secy Johnson testifies before the Senate Homeland Security cmte on the DHS FY2017 budget. LIVE

0930EDT -- Senate Armed Services Cmte holds hearing on "US Central Command, US Africa Command and US Special Operations Command". Centcom Cmnder Gen Lloyd Austin III, Africom Cmnder Gen. David Rodriguez, and Special Ops Cmnder Gen. Joseph Votel testify. LIVE

Somalia reportedly cooperated in the U.S. strike on Al-Shabab terrorists about 125 miles from the capital of Mogadishu that left more than 150 terrorists.

South Korea announcing new sanctions on North Korea after the N Korea dictatorship threatened a nuclear first strike on the U.S. and Seoul. 40 individuals and 30 organizations are getting new sanctions. The largest-ever joint war games between South Korea and the U.S. are underway now.

Vice President Biden is continuing his Middle East tour today with visits to the UAE and he’ll meet with fmr President of Israel Shimon Peres.

Israeli PM Netenyahu has cancelled a White House meeting with President Obama setting off a diplomatic row.

1045EST -- VPOTUS & Dr. Biden arrive at Ben Gurion Intl Airport.

1115EST -- VPOTUS arrives at the Peres Center for Peace and greet with fmr Pres of Israel Shimon Peres.

1130EST -- VPOTUS holds a meeting with fmr Pres Peres. Peres Center for Peace. CLOSED

Sportscaster Erin Andrews won a $55 million settlement against Marriott hotels and a stalker who spied on her undressing through a peep hole and filmed and distributed the video.

Tennis star Maria Sharaparova has lost two huge contracts after the tennis star failed a drug test.

We are going to tackle the incredible court battle between Hulk Hogan and the website Gawker.

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