A California-based photographer captured a rare birth phenomenon— a baby born fully inside the amniotic sac.

Robin Baker, an award-winning birth photographer, took the photos of the planned home birth of twins, a boy and a girl, which itself is uncommon. The babies were born so quickly that the OB-GYN and his team arrived after they were welcomed to the world, Buzzfeed reported.

“These parents are experienced home birthers as they had their first child at home,” Baker told BuzzFeed. “They had 30 minutes of bonding time with Baby A [girl] before Baby B [boy] made his way into his father’s hands still en-caul.”

“En caul” refers to when a baby is born inside the amniotic sac, which is where the fetus develops. Typically, the sac bursts when a woman goes into labor, releasing amniotic fluid.

“We didn’t know the baby would deliver completely en caul until he was crowning,” Baker told Buzzfeed. The mother, who wasn’t named, punctured and peeled back the sac with her fingernail.

The birth team arrived to help deliver the placentas. 

“Since so many twins are born in the operating room, this birth was very special!” Baker told Buzzfeed.

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