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Adorable video of 4-year-old exercising to impress crush going viral

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A 4-year-old Washington boy who’s determined to impress his crush is charming folks across the globe in quirky video in which he works out to “get bigger” than another suitor and spouts off hilarious quips like, “A guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do.”

In the YouTube video, which was posted on Tuesday and had more than 3,000 views Wednesday morning, Brody Lee Smith argues to his mom that he’s working out “so I can show her, so I can be her best friend, so she doesn’t have to be rude to me all day.”

His mom, Jeanna Smith, questions how Brody being strong would prevent his unidentified, but older, crush from being rude to him.

"Because all day she’s been rude, so I’m trying to get stronger so she won’t yell at me and do all that rude stuff,” Brody counters.

As Brody jumps from various pieces at the gym— a stationary bike, a rubber silver exercise ball, an elliptical machine, among other things— his small frame clings to the equipment.

His mission, he explains in the video, is to outshine an older boy who also seeks his crush’s affection.

"He’s a kid bigger than me, and I’m going to get bigger than him because I’m an athlete,” he explains in the video. "A guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do.”

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