Prince Charles unauthorized biography to reveal 'explosive misconduct,' but palace denies claims

Prince Charles may be gearing up to welcome the birth of his third grandchild and participate in the highly-publicized wedding of his youngest son, but a new tell-all could put a damper on the festivities.

Journalist Tom Bower is publishing "an explosive" unauthorized book about the 69-year-old British royal in March, Fox News has learned. The account, titled “Rebel Prince,” will reportedly include testimony from more than 120 people employed or welcomed into the inner sanctum of Clarence House, "revealing a royal household rife with intrigue and misconduct."

“I’m afraid we have no comment to make on the book as we haven’t seen it,” a rep for the palace told Fox News.

Bower, a former reporter of BBC’s "Panorama" who is based in London, has previously written unauthorized biographies on famous British personalities, including Tony Blair, Simon Cowell and Richard Branson.

“We are delighted to be working with the great Tom Bower once again,” Arabella Pike of Harper Collins UK told Fox News in a statement.

“With his unparalleled skills as an investigative writer and biographer, ‘Rebel Prince’ is the first to examine Prince Charles’ battle for rehabilitation since the death of [ex-wife] Princess Diana, his refusal to conform and his frequent meddling in areas that interests him." she added. "It strips away the magic and mystery of his court and offers an unprecedented insight into Britain’s privileged class.”

Bower also revealed in an official release sent to Fox News that Prince Charles, who is poised to be the future king of England, has struggled over the years to overcome his unpopularity after Princess Diana’s 1997 passing. And while he reportedly earned a boost in his approval rating after his marriage to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall in 2005, he still has a long way to go.

“Fortunate to not been destroyed by the various scandals, my story about Charles is a thriller which both his admirers and critics will find unremittingly revealing," wrote Bower.

A source told the UK’s Mirror Wednesday the book would allegedly cover the heir’s political views, how he truly feels about his famous family and how he attempted to “rehabilitate his image” after Princess Diana's sudden death from a car crash in Paris.

“Until now all the books about Charles have been pretty reverential,” claimed the source. “They have all sought to get his approval. This treats him as a story, not as an object to be glorified.”

“Rebel Prince” is scheduled to hit bookshelves March 22nd.

This isn’t the only tell-all the royal family will be faced with this year.

Princess Diana’s biographer Andrew Morton will be publishing a book on the life of Prince Harry’s bride-to-be Meghan Markle in April, just one month before the couple’s wedding in May.

The biography, titled “Meghan,” will aim to tell the life story of the 36-year-old American actress, including the challenges she faced growing up biracial, her rise to fame in Hollywood, her “fractured love life” and the date that led to a royal engagement.

Morton stirred headlines in 1992 when he penned the biography “Diana: Her Story,” which was based on the secretly-recorded conversations between the late princess and her friend, James Colthurst.

The British writer told Fox News he was eager to explore the life of what would have been Diana’s daughter-in-law.

“I was a fan of Meghan’s long before she met Prince Harry,” explained Morton. “She has star quality, what some have called ‘The Markle Sparkle.’”

Markle’s half-sister Samantha Grant also stirred headlines in 2017 when Vanity Fair reported she was writing a memoir titled “The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister.”

“My relationship with my sister for a while was really hurt because of the perceptions out there,” Grant told Fox News. “And I have to say, my book’s not what all of these people are saying it is… Just because it has the word ‘pushy’ doesn’t mean it’s a slamming tell-all… I was making fun of the tabloids.”