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    Laura Schroff: The choice on November 8

    Cal Thomas: Democratic dirty tricks in the 2016 presidential campaign

    Juan Williams: WikiLeaks, John Podesta and my cell phone number

    Gerri Willis: The ObamaCare endgame is coming into view


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    Oxygen shift may be key to resetting biological clock

    Location and socioeconomic status tied to risk of bicycle injury for kids

    Water soak fine for labor but not birth, doctors advise

    FDA approves Merck's lung cancer drug as first-line treatment


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    Why Trump is changing the name of new brand hotels

    Solved: Missing head of baby Jesus is back

    British Airways accidentally promotes rival Virgin Atlantic deal

    Free booze is drying up in Las Vegas casinos

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    Shailene Woodley passionately talks environmental issues post-arrest

    Jury acquits man of stalking Kendall Jenner

    Authorities searching for missing Beyonce backup dancer

    Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, John Mayer all wind up at the same bash


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    DDoS attackers exploited insecure IoT gadgets from Chinese company

    Obama administration's version of a high-tech startup losing nearly $32M

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    Food & Drink

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    Here's the truth about those fruit and vegetable pesticide washes

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt selling award-winning Miraval vineyard

    Woman sues KFC for $20 million over false advertising

    Trump-inspired frozen yogurt promotion prompts social media meltdown

    Great Outdoors

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    10 binoculars: Ranked and rated

    How to make the 'deer stand-wich'

    Wingshooting: Heavy shotguns for faster shooting

    How to solo launch like a boat-ramp pro

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    Business Leaders

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    T-Mobile CEO John Legere Speaks Out on AT&T, Time Warner Deal

    Fmr. BuzzFeed President: AT&T, Time Warner Deal ‘Definitely’ Going Through

    Firms Target M&A for Top-Line Growth

    Time Warner's Embarrassment of Riches Key to AT&T's $85B Deal


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    Man accused of filming crime spree, killing relatives on lam

    Ex-Pennsylvania attorney general out on bail amid appeal

    NAACP wants federal probe after noose put on black Mississippi student

    Texas middle school teacher accused of capital murder

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