Denmark, Greenland sign deal to clean up US military waste

Denmark and its autonomous Arctic island of Greenland have signed an agreement to clean up U.S. military installations that were left to rust in the pristine landscape after the Cold War.

The deal earmarks 180 million kroner ($29 million) over six years for the cleanup. Greenland Premier Kim Kielsen and Denmark Environment Minister Esben Lunde Larsen finalized it in Copenhagen on Thursday.

Lunde Larsen said a Danish-Greenland group will decide when and where to start the cleanup.

A 1951 deal between Copenhagen and Washington allowed the United States to build 33 bases and radar stations in Greenland. The agreement didn't specify who would be responsible for cleanup.

The deal between Denmark and Greenland doesn't cover a U.S. facility that is still in use or an under-ice missile project abandoned in 1966.