Hungary says anti-George Soros campaign most successful yet

The Hungarian government's spokesman says its campaign against the influence of Hungarian-American financier George Soros is the "most successful" of its "national consultations" asking voters for their opinions on different issues.

Spokesman Zoltan Kovacs said Tuesday that by Dec. 1, a record 2.33 million people had returned questionnaires asking whether they agreed with Soros' alleged positions supporting migration into Hungary. Opposition parties say the government's claim that 28 percent of voters participated is exaggerated, but Kovacs said the questionnaires' tally would be made public after completion.

Soros says the questionnaire's statements contain "distortions or outright lies" of his views. He has recently released videos — in Hungarian with English subtitles — detailing his views on Hungary, migration and his differences with Hungary's staunchly anti-immigration prime minister, Viktor Orban.