Human remains found inside crocodile after 79-year-old woman goes missing

Human remains have been found inside a large crocodile believed to have killed a 79-year-old woman who wandered away from a senior facility in Australia and went into a crocodile-infested creek, police said Tuesday.

Anne Cameron was last seen a week ago, when she walked away from a senior facility. On Thursday, police found human remains, in addition to clothing and a walking stick belonging to Cameron near the creek. The area is overrun by crocodiles that have killed others who have ventured into the area, so the reptile immediately became the main suspect.

A 14-foot crocodile was found nearby acting strangely, prompting experts to believe it was the alligator they were looking for, Sky News Australia reported. It was removed from the Mowbray River near Craiglie in the far northeast corner of Australia, Queensland police said.

"It has been a very difficult and harrowing week for all involved, and my thoughts are with the family of Anne Cameron at this sad time," Queensland Environment Minister Steven Miles said in a statement.

Australia Path

Police found clothes and other items of interest belonging to Anne Cameron at the end of Four Mile Beach  (Sky News Australia)

The 79-year-old had dementia and had only been at the facility for a few weeks, according to police. Her son said she would take regular short walks and would ask for help if she got lost.

The gruesome death has prompted lawmakers to consider a crocodile cull, including egg harvesting and the immediate removal of animals considered a threat.

Aussie Facility

Cameron was last seen near an OzCare Aged Care facility in Port Douglas last Tuesday.  (Sky News Australia)

There have been two other people killed by crocodiles in the area in the past 18 months, according to the Australian Associated Press.

Miles said it was important residents and visitors in the region remain vigilant to the threat of crocodiles.

"We have permanent crocodile warning signs in place to remind people this is croc country," he said. "The signs are there to keep you safe so please acknowledge them."