At least 361 migrants aged under 14 are married in Germany

German authorities say that at least 361 migrants aged under 14 are registered as married.

The usual minimum age for marriage in Germany is 18, but an exception is made for children aged 16 or over who have their parents' permission to marry.

Marriages undertaken abroad can be recognized even if the person is aged under 16.

German officials are discussing whether to nix the exception for under-age marriage and refuse to recognize minors' foreign marriages.

A government response to Green Party lawmakers, obtained Friday by The Associated Press, stated that a total of 1,475 foreigners under 18 in Germany are officially registered as married — mostly girls.

They include 664 Syrians, 157 Afghans and 100 Iraqis.

Some 120 were aged 14 or 15, while 994 were 16 or older.